the world's first intelligent current collector
for electric monorail systems and stacker cranes

Smart Collector

The world’s first intelligent current collector
for electric monorail and stacker cranes

Predictive Maintenance
powered by VAHLE

Since the invention of the copper conductor rail, VAHLE stood for technical progress. With the Smart Collector, we developed the world’s first intelligent current collector. Its sensors monitor the movement data of the current collector and detect anomalies soon enough to avoid unplanned downtimes.

Our promise

With the learning system, which was specially developed for EMS and AS/RS systems, we strengthen our promise of quality.

The Smart Collector acts as an efficiency boost for your intralogistics processes.

Increase of plant availability

Increase in productivity

Sustainable cost reduction

Reduction of reaction times

Minimization of downtimes

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The system in detail

Current collector with sensors

3D sensors adapted to the current collector arms record the movement data of the current collector during operation. The function of the pantograph is not affected in any way. The data is transmitted to the main unit for analysis.

Main unit

Measurement data is processed and evaluated in real time directly on the main unit. The flexible system has variable interfaces and is compatible with various positioning and data transmission systems.


If the Main Unit detects reproducible anomalies, a message is transmitted to our certified data center via the connected router. A permanent transmission does not take place.


The analyzed measurement data is visualized by means of software and enables plant operators to perform ongoing condition monitoring as well as various service options, which can be accessed digitally using any terminal device.

„With the Smart Collector, VAHLE is giving the starting signal for the digitalization of the conductor system.“

Jessica Genz | Product Management, VAHLE Group

Become our cooperation partner

As a cooperation partner, you can already convince yourself of the Smart Collector system:
You will receive a discounted inspection drive of our Smart Collector to show the defects in your plant directly.

After the inspection drive, you will receive a report on the condition of your plant and can avoid unplanned downtimes today.
As a cooperation partner, you also benefit from our workshops and further information about future developments.

Plug & Play

No structural modifications necessary

Simple replacement of the existing current collector

Installation of the main unit and router

Data transmission without affecting the IT infrastructure

Analysis software can be used on any terminal device

Ready for use within 2 hours

Analysis & evaluation

Analysis of stroke and deflections of the current collector

Measurement of carbon wear

Precise positioning detection of anomalies

Notifications in case of anomalies from the TARGET values

Analysis reports for planning optimal maintenance

Analyse & Auswertung

Analyse von Hub und Auslenkungen des Stromabnehmers

Messung des Kohleverschleiß

Positionsgenaue Bestimmung der Abweichungen

Benachrichtigungen bei Abweichungen vom SOLL-Wert

Analyseberichte zur Planung einer optimalen Wartung

Insights from the market and studies

0 %

of manufacturing companies are not fully aware of the condition of their plant.

Vanson Bourne global study

0 %

of time is spent on maintenance with predictive maintenance. With „reactive“ maintenance, it is almost three times as much time.

Roland Berger


is the average cost of a one-hour machine downtime for manufacturing companies.

Aberdeen report

0 %
of maintenance costs can be saved through predictive maintenance. Unplanned downtime could be reduced by 70%.


0 %
of companies have had at least one and an average of two outages in the last three years.

Vanson Bourne global study

These advantages are offered
by the Smart Collector

Specially developed for
electric monorail and stacker cranes

Easy implementation
by Plug & Play

High compatibility
with different systems

Uncomplicated installation
in existing systems possible

Data analysis for
predictive maintenance

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What's next

The Smart Collector will also be used in other applications in future. These include skillet lines, electric pallet conveyors, sorter or crane systems and amusement rides. We will be happy to keep you up to date on developments with our VAHLE newsletter.

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Seit Erfindung der Kupferstromschiene steht VAHLE für technischen Fortschritt. Mit dem Smart Collector haben wir nun den weltweit ersten intelligenten Stromabnehmer entwickelt. Seine Sensoren erfassen die Bewegungsdaten des Stromabnehmers und erkennen Anomalien so frühzeitig, dass sich ungeplante Stillstände vermeiden lassen.